Wreck This Journal Everywhere


wreck this journal everywhere

I have a pretty long wishlist for things on Amazon, and when I received I gift card for Christmas I decided on getting the Wreck This Journal Everywhereby Keri Smith.

I already own two copies of the original ‘Wreck this Journal’, one of which I have completed and the other is still in progress. So I was excited to get this new journal in my collection.

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‘Anti Journal’ Review


For my Birthday in December I received the ‘Anti Journal’ by David Sinden and Nikalas Catlow. I added this journal to my wish list after being followed by the Anti Journal team over on twitter (@anti_journal).

Anti Journal

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Journal Wrecking



Seeing as Christmas is almost upon us I am having a lazy day which has involved naps, eating too much chocolate and journal wrecking!

As you can see from my gif image above I have adapted my cover of the journal. I will probably do more to decorate it in the future too.

IMG_7807On these pages I have written the lyrics to ‘Destroy what you enjoy’ from Powerman 5000, doodled a spider snowman (well it is Christmas :p ), burnt it and listed 12 other ways to wreck the journal. I will be trying some of these ideas on mine soon!

I have made a blog on tumblr just to reblog photos of mine and others journals, smash books etc. Here is the link

Wreck This Journal


Wreck this journalThis is one of my all time favourite books, although not really a book in a normal sense. The Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith  is an interactive journal. Full of lots of creative prompts from simple doodles to going more outside of your comfort zone, destroying pages.

I started my first Wreck this Journal in 2011 and finished it last year (although I don’t think one of these can ever truly be ‘finished’). So here are a few of my favourite finished pages from my journal.

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