Upcycled China Masks


At the begining of the year I came across three china masks in a charity shop. At the time I had no idea what to do with them but at £1 each I snapped them up anyway.


So they stayed as they where (above) for a while until one day I had an idea after digging out my out water colour set.

And here is how they look today


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Cat Tranformation


In 2011 a cute little bundle of black and white kitty fluff came to live my parents and I. Meet Eddie.


About a year later I moved out to live with my partner Saul. Eddie didn’t move with us as at the time Saul had a very old lady cat, Saffy, who at the old age of 19 was quite rightly grumpy! As the months went on my parents became more attached to Eddie we decided it was best he stayed with them (although I still see him every week).

Hes a pretty big (fat) cat and has an odd personality. He either loves you (although only for a couple of mins) or doesn’t want a thing to do with you. But my parents love him and wouldn’t know what to do without him now.


So when I walked past the charity shop and saw this kitty I knew I had to have him and evolve him into Eddie!

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