Fanciful Faces Colouring Book


The other week my lovely friend gave me an amazing gift which was this ‘fanciful faces’ colouring book.


I have only completed a few of the pages so far but I love it!

The illustrations by Miryam Adatto are beautiful and intricate. I only wish I had better / a wider range of colouring pencils and pens to colour them in with.


So far I have used my Derwent academy colour pencils, Stabilo (point 88) pens and Staedtler triplus colours pens. I think I may have ago using some water colours on the images in the future.


The pages are very good quality paper. I personally put an extra piece of paper under the page I am decorating to make sure no colours go through but this hasn’t happened yet.¬†Plus the pages¬†are perforated so you can easily take pages out to display.


I am really finding just colouring in so relaxing. I recommend one of these colouring books to anyone who is looking for a creative outlet.

You can get the book Creative Haven Fanciful Faces Coloring Book (Creative Haven Coloring Books)on amazon


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