Wreck This Journal Everywhere


wreck this journal everywhere

I have a pretty long wishlist for things on Amazon, and when I received I gift card for Christmas I decided on getting the Wreck This Journal Everywhereby Keri Smith.

I already own two copies of the original ‘Wreck this Journal’, one of which I have completed and the other is still in progress. So I was excited to get this new journal in my collection.

wreck this journal

As you can see it is smaller than the original which is nice as it makes it easier to carry it around. However this makes is a little more difficult to keep the pages open and there isn’t a lot of space for your ‘wrecking’.

There are a few different ways of creating in this journal compared to the original, such as write down all the street names, collect blades of grass and pages to come up with your own ideas for wrecking the pages.

wreck this journal everywhere IMG_8296There are also a few duplicate pages from the original WTJ; ‘place sticky things’, ‘find a way to wear the journal’, ‘climb up high and drop the journal’ and a few other repeats.


Wreck this Journal everywhere seems to be a lot more ‘outdoors’ orientated. Which is cool but working from home a lot means I don’t get outdoors a great deal so I may not be using this Journal as much as my others.

I do prefer the original book to this one but I think this would be a good starter creative journal for anyone who likes being creative on the go.

I’m sure it will be joining me on my trips out in the summer.So I will post some progress photos of mine when i start working on it properly.


3 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal Everywhere

    • amzstrange

      I felt the same about my first one and did’t do much to wreck it at all. I’ve found it easier with my second copy for some reason 🙂


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