Another Crafty Cat Transformation


I enjoyed my last cat transformation project so much I went back to the charity shop and got the other 2 cats from the set. To be honest I felt bad about leaving them anyway :p


I decided to start on the biggest one of the kitties and do a newspaper type collage on him. But instead of using Newspaper I ripped up the pages of a book, as the pages where had a more old/ yellowish look where as the newspaper was a bit to white for my liking.

I went into town to get some Mod Podge, but it was a bit too pricey for me, so I grabbed some PVA glue and used the homemade Mod Podge recipe from the Lulastic blog (here). It has worked perfectly! And saved me £5!


This time I was lazy and didn’t sand down the cat figure first. I ‘painted’ the area that I wanted to stick the paper on first, then pressed down the paper on to the cat and gave it a top layer coat of my homemade Mod Podge.


Once all the layers where stuck down and dried I added a couple of final coats of satin varnish.

IMG_8240And here he is all finished. I couldn’t help but think he needed something ‘more’, but it was a gift for my mum and she was very happy with him 🙂

And a final pic of Lil Jim checking him out!

IMG_8241Next up is the smallest of the cat trio but I’m not sure how to ‘transform’ him yet. Any ideas?

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