Goals for 2015


Today I completed a new page in my Smash Book. A list of things I would like to do in 2015. I have never been one for making new year resolution and when I have I have never kept them. So I have made this for myself as more of a little list of goals I would like to achieve for the upcoming year.


  1. Do more art journaling – The reason why I haven’t done a great deal of this in the past (other than my WTJ) is that I don’t think my ‘art’ is very good. But I enjoy it and I must remember that. I should just doodle and collage because I like doing it! It doesn’t matter if I am not very good at it. Practice makes perfect right?
  2. Post regularly on my blog – That means here! I enjoy blogging and sharing my little creations. I aim to do at least one post a week.
  3. Read more – Last year I set myself a challenge on goodreads.com to read at least 25 books but I think I only made it to about 20. So this year I have set a lower goal of 20.
  4. Take more photos – I love taking photos and I would like to go on more adventures to snap some more shots.
  5. Make a proper schedule for work – I’m self employed so I can set my own hours. Which is great but sometimes I end up doing nothing but work and other days I can be just plain lazy. So I would like to make a proper daily schedule and keep to it.
  6. Nap less – Naps are my weakness.
  7. Start listening to music again – When I was younger I used to listen to music constantly and for some reason I stopped, apart from listening to the odd song on YouTube. Time to load up my iPod!
  8. Do more craft projects – I have a tonne of ideas in my head but never get around to doing any of them. Hopefully this year will be different!

stationeryHave you set yourself any art or craft goals you have set yourself this year?


One thought on “Goals for 2015

  1. cathy

    We share several of the same goals. Just created a new site here at WordPress and I’m hoping to start posting soon. I’m a bit insecure about my art journaling, but I’m working hard at making the realization that my creations do not have to be perfect or appear perfect to others. It should be all about the fun and less about the critique. 🙂

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