Cat Tranformation


In 2011 a cute little bundle of black and white kitty fluff came to live my parents and I. Meet Eddie.


About a year later I moved out to live with my partner Saul. Eddie didn’t move with us as at the time Saul had a very old lady cat, Saffy, who at the old age of 19 was quite rightly grumpy! As the months went on my parents became more attached to Eddie we decided it was best he stayed with them (although I still see him every week).

Hes a pretty big (fat) cat and has an odd personality. He either loves you (although only for a couple of mins) or doesn’t want a thing to do with you. But my parents love him and wouldn’t know what to do without him now.


So when I walked past the charity shop and saw this kitty I knew I had to have him and evolve him into Eddie!

So I set about sanding him down (the ornament, not Eddie :p)  so I could re-paint him. I did feel guilty about having to sand his face. After sanding him I found he was made of some kind of pottery. I’ve never painted anything like this before and hoped my acrylic paints would do the job.


Here he is with the few coats of paints. The paint sticks pretty well. Although the black seems to crack a little after it dries.


After several coats of the black acrylic paint it was still showing tiny cracks but it didn’t look too bad, as Eddie has bits of white hair though his black patches anyway. I’ve put it down to the paint, as the white paint which was a different brand went on fine.

And here he is all finished!

10921694_10153128517485466_1699290591_n (1)

Although I could just not catch real Eddies grumpy / startled expression. I don’t think its to bad for my first time on a project like this. I plan to do more in the future as I really enjoyed it.


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