Smash Booking


For Christmas 2012 I added the Smash Book by from K&Company to my wishlist and I was lucky enough to receive it!

Smash Book

Previously I have been using regular plain note books to note in memorable moments and stick in mementos from outings. The Smash Book is a much better alternative for this for me. The pages are of very good quality and are patterned.

A lot of people I have seen have a theme for their Smash Books (travel, family etc) but mine is more of a mish mash of randomness.

Here are a few of my completed pages from my book.

Smash book pages

Random cut outs from magazines and flyers

smash book pages

My favourite movie, ‘Hedwig & the Angry Inch’

smash book pages

Labels from Christmas and Birthday gifts

smash book pages

List of Christmas gifts I received

smash book pages

Post cards, old doodles and found cut outs

smash book pages

Notes from a day out and a zendoodle filled out with this I should do to make me happy


My love of tea


How my shop, Black Sunshine started and promo flyers and ads

Over the past year I haven’t much time to dedicate to smashing but I have a whole folder of bits and bobs to add to it which I plan to do over the Christmas weeks 🙂


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