Recently I discovered ‘Strega Fashion’ while browsing through Tumblr, mainly the blog of ShortCutToTheStars. I love the layering and textures of this fashion.

Strega is based around the fashion of ‘Dark Mori’ but has no strict rules to follow (colours etc). And after to running to my wardrobe I found I already had quite a few pieces of clothing to fit in with style.


Dread wig: Black Sunshine, Skirt: Ebay, Cardigan: charity shop, Leggings: RTBU on Ebay, Platform shoes: gift.

After years of not really having a ‘style’ at all, I think I have finally found something that I am comfortable and feel good in. Which can only be a good thing right?


Jumper: H&M, Leggings: RTBU on Ebay, Shoes & legwarmers: second hand on Ebay, Scarf: Poundland.


Vest top: Peacocks, Skirt: charity shop, Necklace: Psypuff


Cat crop top: Ebay, Skirt, Ebay, Cardigan: Peacocks, Boots: Amazon

As you can see a majority of my clothing is second hand from ebay or charity shops, so its easy to have a lot of different items without breaking the bank!

Hopefully I will get better at the whole layering thing and now the weather has got colder I can experiment more.

I have a strega fashion board over on Pinterest if you would like some inspiration (link).


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