Upcycled China Masks


At the begining of the year I came across three china masks in a charity shop. At the time I had no idea what to do with them but at £1 each I snapped them up anyway.


So they stayed as they where (above) for a while until one day I had an idea after digging out my out water colour set.

And here is how they look today


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Water Colours


The other day I felt like painting, which is something I have not felt like doing in a very long time. Mainly because I have found it a quite difficult medium to work with in the past. But I decided to dig my old water colours out and give it a go.
water colour by Destroy EnjoyThese are my first two experiments so far I find the back ground washes of colours the most enjoyable to do and hope to improve on the black silhouette ‘doodles’.

None the less, not to bad for my first attempt in quite a few years. What do you think? 🙂

Do you have any tips or hints for working with water colour?

Wreck This Journal Everywhere


wreck this journal everywhere

I have a pretty long wishlist for things on Amazon, and when I received I gift card for Christmas I decided on getting the Wreck This Journal Everywhereby Keri Smith.

I already own two copies of the original ‘Wreck this Journal’, one of which I have completed and the other is still in progress. So I was excited to get this new journal in my collection.

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Another Crafty Cat Transformation


I enjoyed my last cat transformation project so much I went back to the charity shop and got the other 2 cats from the set. To be honest I felt bad about leaving them anyway :p


I decided to start on the biggest one of the kitties and do a newspaper type collage on him. But instead of using Newspaper I ripped up the pages of a book, as the pages where had a more old/ yellowish look where as the newspaper was a bit to white for my liking.

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Goals for 2015


Today I completed a new page in my Smash Book. A list of things I would like to do in 2015. I have never been one for making new year resolution and when I have I have never kept them. So I have made this for myself as more of a little list of goals I would like to achieve for the upcoming year.


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